Analytects en Guatemala

Analytects has been in business since 2010, providing corporate performance management for hundreds of mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies. By providing quality products and exceptional customer service, Analytects has become one of the leading independent service and solution providers in the industry.  

Analytects is an Odoo Gold Partner and a Oracle Gold Partner.  We have worked with leading companies and partners including Oracle, Grant Thornton, Delloite and Accenture.  For years, these organizations have depended upon Analytects to provide expert service to their corporate clients.  A further sampling of our clients is included below.

Our philosophy is simply to provide the best customer service and solutions.  As a privately held company, we deliver on this commitment through very selective and conservative hiring practices ensuring our employees fit the high standards we commit to our direct clients and partners.

Consulting  and Training Approach

Analytects takes a consultative approach in our work that is time tested, having evolved from the original consulting methodology employed by many of the largest consulting.  Working in partnership with our customer’s team, Analytects can perform a comprehensive evaluation of our customer’s needs, existing deliverables and tools, and then deliver  high quality implementation of CCH software environments.  


Our implementation team is comprised of the strongest and deepest set of resources available covering all application, technical and training acumen. Our seasoned finance professionals average more than 20 years of experience implementing, administering and using CPM products in real business situations.  Many of our staff worked in the industry supporting and/or implementing CPM solutions prior to joining Analytects and have been implementing CPM  products since the 1990’s.

Assessments Approach

We use a top-down approach when conducting our assessment, in order to ensure that we keep our recommendations aligned with your management objectives.  
We work with you to prioritize the components of both the needs assessment and the deliverables, and will look for the right approach to fit your budget.


Analytects has worked with companies of all sizes and we take pride in the fact that 100% of our customers are references.

Analytects has successfully delivered CPM solutions for customers spanning various industries. Some examples include:

Empresa global de bebidas de $ 9 mil millones. 

Empresa de servicios financieros de $ 3.2 mil millones. 

Empresa de transporte de $ 377 millones.

Empresa de petróleo y gas por $ 11 mil millones.

Empresa de investigación de mercado de $ 500 millones.

$ 433 millones en compañía de snacks

Compañía farmacéutica de $ 30 mil millones

$ 1.5 mil millones de la compañía mundial de tecnología de viajes

$ 2.5 mil millones de la compañía de salud